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Getting The team Together

Choose people who will work to help and support each other. Great wedding vendors will look out for the best interests of all involved in your wedding day i.e. a photographer will work with a videographer to not get in each others way and find out a little bit about the process for each role and find ways to make sure that the end result is amazing wedding photos and videos. This sounds like common sense right? Wrong! I would like to believe that everyone has the clients best interests at heart and care about all aspects of the wedding day but sometimes vendors don’t care about the other roles and only care to come in and do what they have to do without any regard for other vendors and their contracts. I’ve seen fights happen between DJ’s and Photographers, between Photographers and Videographers, between Venue Coordinators/Catering Coordinators and Independent Wedding Planners, Officiants and Photographers, Make-up/Hair Artists and Photographers and many many many more! The best vendors you can hire on your wedding day are ones that will make an effort to understand everyone’s role in the wedding day.

Hire a Wedding Planner / Coordinator. By hiring one person to manage/coordinate your wedding day this person will create a detailed wedding day itinerary customized to your wedding plans and share this with each of the wedding vendors. Some vendors get overwhelmed with the amount of information that we include in the wedding day which to me is a compliment. I include the full story of the wedding day so that we are ALL aware of the entire scope of the day and what our roles are within that big picture. I prepare this plan in advance of the wedding day by listening to the couple first in terms of what their expectations for the day are, then in going through these details with the wedding vendors I address any questions, comments or concerns based on their experience and understanding of the clients needs. I then provide an updated copy the week of the wedding with any changes from the ‘team’. What this creates is an awareness of each other that vendors don’t necessarily get when there isn’t a wedding planner involved.

Great team members will see value in the other contracted services/products for the wedding day. Venue Coordinators shouldn’t tell clients that they don’t need to do ‘much to the space’ for their wedding day if the client is interested in having a professional design team come in to enhance the space. A photographer won’t tell a client not to hire a videographer because all they will do is ‘get in the way’ and ‘who even watches the wedding video anyway’ or a DJ saying that they run the show and that a ‘wedding planner isn’t necessary’. 


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